Recent events continue to shed light on systems that routinely fail survivors – most specifically black survivors – and often costs them their lives. No one should have to choose between staying in an unsafe home or having no home at all, but most importantly, a survivor and their family should be free of all violence and fear (police, state, community, partner, family) in whatever place they call home.

Black survivors experience domestic violence, sexual violence, homelessness, and housing instability dramatically different than their white counter parts. Structural racism and larger systems of violence and oppression remind us that safety for black individuals is tenuous and access to safe and affordable housing will continue to be a challenge until we dismantle the systems that continue to perpetuate violence. To ensure survivors have the capacity to thrive we must end the systems that harm them and offer options that center intersectional identities, community-based response, and truly offer safety and healing.

We continue to operate virtually and are always available to help support. We support domestic and sexual violence advocates, homelessness and housing providers, and other allied partners interested in building stronger community collaborations. Thank you for your commitment, advocacy, and hard work to increase health and safety for all communities. We look forward to starting or continuing our work together.

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